Savile- Suffer Play EP

The second outing for Smartbar’s new label Northside '82 comes from newcomer Savile who offers up three cuts of minimal tech-house. Like Northside’s first release earlier this year, it’s a mixed bag. On the plus side “Spaced” gets the energy going strong and hits its marks as a bouncy dj tool with a nice, clipped vocal sample.

Things go a bit downhill on the flip, however, where “1pm Morning” shuffles and sways with a “deep,” RobotHearty vocal sample; one can imagine some people enjoying this one at certain “1pm morning” parties (just not this person). “Recipes from Nowhere” closes the EP out with a slow plod, and although the faint, tinkling melody half way through hints at promise, it’s quickly abandoned and the track doesn’t give us anything we haven’t heard before.


Out now on Northside ‘82