Mutant Beat Dance - PolyfonikDizko

The new EP from Mutant Beat Dance (Beau Wanzer and Traxx) is, as expected, a doozy. A side “PolyfonikDizko” has funky drums, a restrained, mysterious, and creeping vocal, weird noises, and a great acid line. The track’s pacing is excellent as different elements take their time to evolve and work together harmoniously. The flip is “Stress” which brings serious, original jakbeat vibes with a more industrial feel that is sure to have you throwing shapes. This whole record is nothing but fire through and through.


Out now on Rush Hour, this is a follow up on great solo EPs from both artists as well as Beau Wanzer’s debut album (review forthcoming). Watch out for the next MBD EP, to be released on Nation imminently.