dreamlogicc - MDS 001

Chicago-schooled and now Oakland based artist Dreamlogicc (aka dj lgcc) launches his record label Main Drain Studios with the not-to-be-missed MDS001 EP featuring four dope cuts of twisted house and electro.

The EP starts off strong with Re-Entry, a chugging, dark train track topped off with spooky and cavernous sounds. It continues on with El Ein, a stripped down track full of funky-paranoid x-files vibes.

The flip pops off with Blieben, a murky, subterranean houseish track (a la Kassem Mosse) with interesting vocal samples twisted beyond recognition. The bassline has some funky timing so it’s really fun to mix with. Closing out the EP is Baab, super cool, dark, ambiguous breakbeat vibes here. A very original track that does sinister and dystopian electro without resorting to any genre clichés. One of Dreamlogicc’s finest productions to date and one of the standout tracks of 2014.

Check out previous Dreamlogicc releases on Kimochi, TonAtom, and CPKAY records, as well as upcoming EPs on Kimochi and Main Drain Studios. You can also catch dj lgcc on his weekly a/v show, Wax n’ Cats, every Saturday afternoon at