cv313 - Dimensional Space

The long awaited “debut” album of cv313 (echospace) “Dimensional Space” has finally arrived on wax.  It’s an absolute triumph of an album, presenting the depth and range of their work, and housed in a stunning black and silver silk-screened sleeve.


“Luna Petra” is the standout track with its muted trumpet beautifully emerging from the dubby whirl. Like their other best work, this one makes it difficult to tell what you're hearing, swirling vocals dubbing into oblivion interlock with one another and the deep dubby bassline.  “Beyond the Clouds (Seconds to Forever Livemix) is a rework of the Seconds to Forever cdr release that manages to improve on the excellent original. It’s a tunneling, 20+ minute psychedelic dubtechno journey as only cv313 can pull off, and one of their greatest tracks yet.


“Isis” is on the cloudy ambient tip with an ultra-deep bassline, good for mixing with. But on its own, the mind starts to wander after 7 or 8 minutes. “Beyond Starlit Skies (reimagined)” pulses along with a steady dance-ready beat under hypnotic, cascading echospace-y sounds that mutate into and through one another (in a similar way to “Beyond The Clouds (III)”).  “Stella Bay” rounds out the album with deep, meditative dub.