Africans with Mainframes - Nubian Rainbows

The EP starts off with “Nubian Rainbows” with a swingy, marchy beat. A lot of elements of ‘chicago house’ are present but without playing by any of the rules: the sounds are twisted and the beats don’t always stay in their place. It’s a versatile track useful for both deeper and harsher moments.

On the flipside “Tonkolili” comes on with its insistent beat and distinctive synth line like an ancient spacecraft trying to start up its engines. After a while the party engine starts up and the track clips along with plenty of funk and awesome, ear-popping synths.

This EP continues on previous Africans With Mainframes releases in it’s adventurousness, but without the harsher, noisier edges of some of the others.

The synth work is truly outstanding here, reminiscent of MMM but with a more psychedelic, raw, futuristic edge. Fire, buy on sight.

Comes from consistently great Dutch label Bio Rhythm who also put out EPs from Hieroglyphic Being, Paul du Lac, and Tevo Howard.